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We have an extremely generous benefactor who has donated money so that we may provide meals for those in need. There is a limited amount at this time, however our hope is that this gesture will inspire others to do the same.  Please visit our Campbell’s Place Community COVID-19 Initiative page for more information about contributing.
If you can pay, please call us to order your meal at 215-242-1818 (online ordering coming soon)
If you are in need of a meal, please allow us to help!  No questions asked.  
Donated Meals available for Pickup or Porch Drop-off at Campbell’s Place Daily
Choices of meals for those in need can be found on or website or by calling our restaurant at 215-242-1818
Please Note:
In order to fill donated or paid meals we request that you sign up for a Curbside Time Slot by phone or online.  Please be prepared to pay when placing your order, with Credit or Debit card, as we will not be exchanging cash at the time of pickup.  When you arrive there will be other guidelines to follow. We are implementing these measures in our continued effort to social distance and keep you, our guests and neighbors, as well as our team, safe and healthy.   We also offer Porch Drop-off for those unable to travel.
If you are interested in donating to the program, please connect with owners Rob & Vanessa Mullen at for more information.
Order a Meal Now!
Order a Meal Now!