February 24th,  Revolving Door 9pm

February 25th, Urban Drawl 9pm

March 17th, live irish music Bill Walsh & my birthday

March 24th, Alex viele acoustic AV 9pm

March 31st, The roger Learnard Band 9pm



Lyn Fennimore “Snow Dogs” Feb 1 – Feb 26th

Duncan Pearson “Aerial Photography” Feb 28th – April 1

Ellen Rohlfing “Acrylics on Canvas” April 2nd – April 29th

Gideon Boericke  “Landscapes” June 4th– July1st



Friday Firkins – 1st Friday of every month we will tap a firkin of craft brew at our upstairs bar for happy hour 5-7


March – restaurant month

May 6 Garden Arts Festival

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